To help our protect our customers, we are now offering the option to put in orders which you can then pick up or have delivered to you. Your body needs nutritious foods to keep it working at its best and to keep you strong and healthy, especially at a time like this! We are working hard to make sure you can get those good foods!

Below is a list of our vendors participating in our order program.

Once you know what you want, you can place your order by sending us an email ( write us a message over on FaceBook!

(Please simply put "Orders" in the subject line of the email.)

Click on a vendors name to see price list.

Riyescott Ranch

OFFERING Milk | Yogurt | Cheese | Cream | Chicken | Lamb | Duck | Pork

Big Tent Treats

OFFERING  Beef | Coffee

Golden Egg Ranch

OFFERING  Duck Eggs | Pies

Sylvia's Farm Ffresh Produce

OFFERING  Fresh Produce

Dotties Corner

OFFERING  Balsamic Vinegars

Brookings Pickled Goodies

OFFERING  Pickled Products

Chetco Honey

OFFERING  Honey | Honey Products

Sweetly British

OFFERING  British Sweets

Tuna Fish Buster

OFFERING  Canned Tuna Fish

Ofelia's Tamales


Linda Stimson


Facebook: Brookings Harbor Farmers Market

Location: 15786 US 101 South

Brookings, OR 97415