Sweetly British

and other European wares

200g Marmite $9

250g Marmite $12

Hayward Pickled Onions $5.50

Manor, Pickled Onion $4.50

Mint Sauce $5

Mint Jelly $4.50

Oxo cubes beef N veggie. $4.50ea.

Bisto Onion N regular Gravy 4.50ea.

Bisto curry $5

Baked Beans $3

Mushy Pea's $3

Steak N Kidney Pie. $10.50

Steak N Ale Pie $10.50

4pk Sausage Rolls $11.50

6pk Bangers $8

Irish Sausages 9.50

Cornish Pasty...$9.50 (Only 1 Left) Crumpets $4.50

600g Birds Custard $5

80ct Builders $9

80ct P.G Tips $7.50

35ct Decaf PG Tips $4

40ct Yorkshire Gold $7

Ribena $10

Toffees (bags) $4 each.

(Flavors, Mint, banana, Assortment, Treacle, Salted Caramel, Creamy, Black Licorice N Double Dipped Belgium Chocolate)


5pk Happy Hippo's $6

6 black Licorice Wands $3.50

Bag of Violet Crumble $7.50

Violet Crumble Bar. $4

Guinness Dark Choc Truffle bar. $4.75

Large Caramel Galaxy"choc" Bar. $4.50

8pk "Easter" mini Smarties eggs w/ smarties $7

Creme Eggs $1.25

Crunchies, Turkish Delight, Flakes, Lion Bar, Curly Wurly N Walnut Whips..$1.50 ea Snickers $2

Love Hearts $1

Fruit Pastilles (rolls) $1.50

Throat Loz (Honey) $2.75

Fruit gums $4

Scots Clan(Dark chocolate caramels) $4

Dutch Marzipan mini cakes...$4.50 Dutch Ginger Cake $6.50

Dutch Licorice Black Toffees $4.50

Dutch Griotten "Sugar cube" Licorice

candies $3.50

Hard/Salty N Ex Salty licorice..$3.50 ea. Dutch Strawberry Licorice "Shoelaces"


Dutch Marshmallows $2.75

Irish Coffee N Espresso chocolate cups

......$4 ea.

Sugar free Butter Toffees $3

Syrup Wafers, 100% Butter $5.50

Dutch Self Raising Flour 17.6oz $1.25 6pk Cherry Bakewells $7.50


McVities Dark N Milk $4.50ea

McVities Gingernut $4

Digestives $4

G.F Shortbread $5

Petticoat Shortbread $5

McVities Caramel/choc $4.50

Hills, Gingernut $2.50

Hills Fruit Shortcake $3

Garibaldi $2.50 On sale.


Choc N Raspberry Jam Swiss Rolls


6pk Chocolate Rolls $4.75

4pk Caramel Wafers $3.50

Shepherd pies seasoning..$3

Curry Hot N Mild seasonings..$3ea Jelly Babies $3.50

Bassett Licorice Allsorts $5

Licorice allsorts $3.50

Wine Gums $3.50

Lemon Sherbets $2.50

Fruit Sherbets $2.50

Irish Caramels $3.50

Chocolate Limes $2.50

Chocolate puds in Tin $3.50

Xmas slabs(with Marzipan N Icing) $4

Every Order will receive something FREE, as my way of saying THANK YOU. STAY SAFE!

Linda Stimson

Email: linda@riyescott.com

Facebook: Brookings Harbor Farmers Market

Location: 15786 US 101 South

Brookings, OR 97415